Thanksgiving thanks to all Car Talk posters and website staff, esp the forum moderator :)


And to Doug Berman for the continued posting of podcasts. And last but not least, to Tom (in memory) and Ray (in actuality), Car Talk’s founding fellows offering up plenty of encouragement to us diy’ers stymied by our car problems. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday.

Oh yeah, Ray, I wanted to ask you about this pesky cranking problem, only occurs in cold weather … :wink:




Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Safe travels and happy eating. Now I’m going to go make cookies. We shall see what the GWB traffic looks like today…


Like a parking lot, maybe?? Safe travels!


Happy thanksgiving everyone!


GWB traffic? :thinking:
OK, I’ll bite. What the heck is GWB traffic?


I think that is the George Washington Bridge in New York City. Over the Hudson River .


Happy thanksgiving to all. Ya know I can make network cables, make fiber optic cables, manage a ton of computers antivirus backup and network stuff for 100 plus computers, and other duties but do not how to work a podcast. go figure. Forgive all us turkeys.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope everyone has safe travels if traveling and enjoys good time with family and friends.


Happy turkey day, everybody . . . !

I just got back from my brother’s house. It was just 8 of us . . . so not too hectic

To keep it car-related . . . my brother’s house is only a few miles down the road, so we didn’t have to get on the freeway(s)


This just fell from underneath my car,

someone please tell me what it is?


I have a theory, and if you post your question in a new discussion, I’ll share it.


It looks like a clip off of your air filter housing


Gee I think this was resolved a couple months ago but better late than never.

I do suspect that they are churning old posts in order to increase the body count. Maybe due to less current activity I don’t know.


John and I don’t have enough time in the day (and I don’t have the creativity) to come up with spoof accounts to goose the post count. :slight_smile: