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Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great time with your loved ones this week. We Americans aren’t getting any younger and any excuse to enjoy each other’s company is a good one. I’m going over the river and through the woods tomorrow, so I want to get my good wishes in now.

BTW, I also extend best wishes to our good North American friends who don’t celebrate thanksgiving just now. Hey Docnick - is it 500 below with 1000 MPH winds yet? I think so…

Thanks, And You Have A Nice Visit And Thanksgiving Day Too, JT. Also, I’d Like To Extend That To The Whole Car Talk Gang, All Of You.

Enjoy the Holiday, and be careful out there.

Thanks, jt. Best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving!


May your Thanksgiving be peaceful and loving, free of pat-downs, fowl-ups, and political debate!

jt; just just -39F and little wind. Had several snow storms and the Michelin X-ICE winter tires are really showing their worth. Also 1000 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) comes in handy when you have to leave the car outside.

A great post JT. Everybody have a happy and SAFE Thanksgiving.


Is the the high or low? Does it matter? Ah well, there’s no place like home, no matter how hot or cold it is.

[b][i]Cold Cranking Amps Are Rated At A Balmy Zero F Degrees.
Doc, You’ve Probably Got About 6 Or 7 Amps Left At That Temp, Not To Mention Peanut Butter For Motor Oil !

Brrrr . . .


My best wishes to the entire Car Talk community for a wonderful holiday!