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Happy Thanksgiving Travels

I want to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels this holiday weekend. With all the snow up north, driving can be a little hairy (and flying impossible!).

Remember everybody passing you is crazy and everyone you pass is an idiot (tip to George Carlin) so watch out for the other guy.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Hope fully you are all safe at your destination. We drove from Western PA to Delaware yesterday through the storm. As long as you drove sensibly you were OK, saw two fender benders on the entire route. Enjoy the food, football and parade. Stay warm and safe

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We are staying put and having dinner at home with family.

Yes, I hope that everyone enjoys his or her family gathering, and that if you have to drive, you do it safely.

I am hosting my family (as I almost always do), and everything will begin late as my brother & SIL have to first get out of their steep PA driveway with 11+ inches of snow on it. But, no matter when we begin, it should be a wonderful day.

I think the only traveling we’ll be doing today is taking the kids for a bike ride. Temps in the 50’s today in the Seattle area, and it’s a good way to work up an appetite for dinner. Besides, the Seahawks don’t play until 5:30 so we’ll need something to do until then.

Kind if missing the days of my youth in SoCal, when Thanksgiving meant hanging out at the beach or park all day.

Everybody out there have a nice Thanksgiving. In order to add to your Thanksgiving happiness, I won’t make any more comments until tomorrow.

happy thanksgiving! drive safely.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. The only traveling that I will be doing this Thanksgiving is from the kitchen to the living room with brief stops at the bathroom. My sister did the cooking this year.

so…, @Triedaq, does that mean the missus made you turn off your computer? :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to watch for deer, at night you can get a glimpse of the eyes reflecting the headlights light, daytime, had to hit the brakes onces as they were rolling across the interstate. Course if you are staying home the Dear might have high stress levels so watch out for that also.