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Happy New Year

Hi All! Another year is about to end and I can look back on having learned as much as having contributed to this forum. I hope we were able to help the various posters with their problems and queries.

We wish you all a prosperous and trouble free automotive New Year.

Many thanks to Carolyn for keeping us on the straight and narrow!

+1 for Docnick and a big Happy New Year to everyone.


May we all have great happiness and success in the coming year.

+1 for Docnick. Happy, blessed, safe New Year to all.

Happy new year to all! :star:

I hope we continue to have interesting, stimulating, and entertaining conversations :smiley:

And maybe we can help somebody, in the process :smirk:

I had never posted to a forum of any sort until this summer, when I joined this one. Thanks to you all for teaching me a bunch and reading my occasional rambling. It’s turned out to be a lot of fun. Best wishes to you all.

Happy New Year!

Wishing all a very happy 2016. And special thanks to Carolyn and all the Car Talk staff whose efforts are making it a little easier for folks around the world to get some help with their car problems. And for folks like me, to learn a lot of interesting stuff from car experts.

My new year has been pretty miserable. The ice storm here shut down the roads for 4 days and I just got my electricity back on this evening after sitting for 6 days in the dark with the only thing keeping me from freezing being my natural gas fireplace.

When the dump thaws enough to get in I guess I’ll be celebrating with a chain saw and tree limb removal Part Two. Just went through this around Thanksgiving.

Happy New Year for the rest of you anyway! :smiley:

We have differences of opinion
We all have our troubles like that of a minion
we all fix things within our scope
We all help to give others hope
Happy New year to all the posters

Happy new year, everyone!

Best wishes to all for 2016! I am looking forward to another year of fun on this board.

@ok4450 sorry for your troubles, If I was closer my generator and husqvarna would be there for you, 6 days should have let us know sooner, my thought, dang all the stuff in the fridge and freezer must be garbage :frowning:
And yes I might have done a road trip for you.

My sympathies. That’s a tough one to be without power for that long. Wow.

Happy New Year to everyone though. The years just keep flying by.

Thank you Barkydog. I had considered buying a generator but figured any outage would only be a day; maybe two. Day One led into Day Two which led into Day Three…
I wouldn’t have made it into town anyway (25 miles) as the highway out west was pretty much impassable due to blowing snow and ice and the road south has been closed due to some construction work on yet another wind farm.

Actually, the only grocery item we lost was a container of milk. I packed everything into ice chests and parked them on the porch. Everything stayed frozen or chilled as needed for the entire 6 days.

Wow! I Was Without Power From Only Christmas Eve Morning Until The Day After Christmas And That Was Bad Enough. The timing wasn’t terrific.

I bought my generator about 25 years ago and it stays stored for sometimes a couple of years at a time. You can’t buy one when everybody needs one. I have probably really needed it only half a dozen times. I stay stocked up on gas because I use it for mowers and snow blowers, anyhow.

It can run my furnace and two refrigerators and my well pump if necessary, along with a couple lamps. It’s a pain to get everything hooked up, but the alternative’s not that great.

Fortunately, I have an artesian well (300’+ in rock) that dumps crystal clear water at a rate of several gallons/minute, just a natural flow, no pump running. I get drinking and cooking water, toilet flushing water (if the lake’s frozen) without even hooking up the generator.

I’ve got a couple of propane Coleman lanterns and several spare gas cylinders.

When you got ice, we got snow, 10" powered by 40mph wind. I was sure we’d lose power and I couldn’t picture working outside with the generator.

If I ever build a new house, I’d definitely install an automatic whole-house natural gas powered generator.

Well, that year’s history! Happy New Year!

A very happy and healthy New Year to all!

I bought a generator probably 20 years ago after we spent a night in the hotel due to power outage. It sure gets iserable fast without heat. No fireplace, gas oven, but worry abut co if using it as a space heater. I can run gas furnace, tv, lights off the generator if needed, but yes the gas whole house generator is the way to go. Every 3 or 4 years I put some gas in it, run it out of gas, and maybe change the oil, then a little fogging oil. Have not needed it once, but it is nice to know it is there if needed.

I’ve got a little generator that I bought some years ago. I’ve never had to use it for a power outage and never had one for more than four hours. But still its there if I need it. I could quickly wire it to run some essentials like the fireplace, refrigerator and kerosene heater but it wouldn’t be fun. But the main thing I guess is staying alive and keeping the pipes from freezing. We did have to have our furnace replaced in the dead of winter but for the two days that it took the house stayed pretty warm. I only had to run the kero heater a little bit on the second day to warm my office. Luckily it wasn’t 20 below out or that would have been another matter.

Still once it goes out you realize no computer, no garage door opener, no TV, no radio, no lights, no coffee pot for heavens sake. Had to run down to the store for a large cup of coffee. My son was out for 5 days in the summer a couple years ago but used the grill for cooking and the hardest part was charging the cell phones. No fun though. I did offer to drive 400 miles to meet them half way with my generator but they declined. Better than being flooded out in the winter I guess though.