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Thanks rocketman!

I followed your advice and the Accord got me back to college this evening without any problems. yay! It also runs and drives more smoothly than ever. Fuel tank is around 75% and now I can rock on. Thanks again!

Great! Now, tell what you did, so that others may benefit from those pearls of wisdom.

Posted at 02/24/2008 12:58:21 PM in what to do about my poor old Honda

Re: Re: what to do about my poor old Honda

Hello, Cap & Rotor have been changed. Car runs and drives like a top since filling up and adding two bottles of Gas Dry. Brand name was IsoHeet. Same thing ? I’m driving the car back tonight, wish me luck. If it seems to be o.k. again i’m taking it to FL next month.

Here is the original thread:

Rocketman, my next can of beer will be raised in your honor.

Just a friendly reminder. PLEASE do not drink and drive–or drink while you’re driving. IsoHeet is a brand name of dry gas.

No sweat Jeff . . . that’s what this forum is all about. Glad it worked out for you. Rocketman