Does anybody know

my 1992 honda accord feels like it’s running on three cylinders. i have replaced the distributor, the injectors,wires and nothing. does anybody know what it is?

How about the timing belt?



Have you verified that all 4 cylinders are getting spark?

Compression test?

Can you hear all 4 injectors clicking?

i replaced all four cylinders with new ones

i meant to say i did a compression test and it was good so then i replaced all four injectors that did’nt work so i replaced the distributor and that did’nt work either


It sounds like you’re already big time bucks into this.

Perhaps it’s time to pay a shop to diagnose it.

We’d hate to see you keep throwing parts and money at it with no results.

I meant no offense.

Sometimes it’s best to step aside and let the pros handle it.

What’s the definition of good compression?

@ok4450 it all depends on the engine

But I’d say 150psi would be acceptable for most gasoline engines

Not great, but acceptable.

It might be great for some engines, but marginal for others.

“What’s the definition of good compression?”

Even cranking rhythm with the ignition disabled!

If he’s got a dead misfire and compressions are all close to one another I won’t bother with the mechanicals first. Sure they could all be 110 psi and the engine could be worn to heck, but that won’t cause one dead whole.

Anyway, @trannyguy, have you put a vacuum gauge on this thing while it’s running? High, low, smooth, erratic?

This car has long enough spark plug boots that you should be able to pull the plug wires slightly up out of the well and see which cylinder does not cause it to run worse when you pull the wire. This is your misfiring cylinder.

Agreed, and it was a somewhat rhetorical question for the OP as the “replaced all cylinders with new ones” comes across as unusual.

It’s a 21 year old car…How many miles ? Remove the spark-plug wires one at a time to determine which cylinder is dead. Then pull the valve cover and inspect the cam lobes on the dead cylinder…

Replaced the spark plugs?
Using only original type NGK or Denso plugs?

Is the meaning of your complaint that it runs rough and shakes or that that it lacks power?