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Thanks re 'drive train'

My thanks to the five persons who responded to my ‘drive train’, etc. problem. Thet are Joseph E. Meehan, VDCdriver, Xebadaih, oldschool, and Youngtimer. I did indeed consult an independent German imports shop; they did a scan and found the engine light to be defective. It was replaced, and I am now a happy camper. The ‘drive train’ truly means the timing belpt, and that will be replaced some miles down the road. One of the owners also commented (not to me, but I heard him) that they had heard other complaints about the new people taking over the VW agency. While I have not escaped unscathed in the money department, I am much more comfortable with the ‘new guys’ taking charge of my car. Thanks again to you five.


You’re welcome! It’s always nice to get feedback from those to whom we give advice–especially if it was good advice.

Glad it worked for you. It is always nice to find out how advice worked. It helps everyone.