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Repeated thanks

I have been hanging around here for three or four years. I have posted sevaral requests for help, and I occasionally chime in. Indeed, I get more advice than I am able to give, and the advice I get has always been useful. I learn a lot from reading the advice to others’ questions.

I currently have three cars, and they all have recent or soon-to-be posts here. I just wanted again to thank the people here who have been so helpful. A great combination of technical knowledge and wisdom.

('94 Taurus is scheduled to have leaky headlight ass’y replaced Monday. '99 Escort and '04 Camry are about to be posted. AFAIK the Tahoe my son drove to Alaska is still there, having had a lot of engine work done under warranty.)

Thanks, Art!

Boy, that Tahoe couldn’t have been inspected before that fellow bought it eh, Art?

It was good to read your son made it ok though.

Also good to hear from you again.

Sincere thank you for your post.