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Great advice

I just want to thank all the “guys” who responded to my question about the check engine light on my 01 VW Beetle. I ended up finding an independent VW repairman only 25 minutes from my home thanks to a suggestion from this website, had the MAF and a hose replaced (as suggested by another responder) and viola’! No engine light and she’s running great! Thanks SO much for the time and effort to help!


There are some great knowledgeable people here, I think it is at least as good as the wheel of whatever on the show, “WE” (community of responders if I may speak for all) are all glad it worked out well

Now It’s Fit As A Viola! . . . Voil?!


There are some good mechanics here, I’ve read their answers.


You took the words right out of my bouche !

cute…you guys are as funny as you are smart! Thanks again!