Tesla or Maserati?


Oh my gosh, even worse. They’d be taken over by the state? Then I would think a substantial rate increase.


You need to get a vehicle that can handle both on road and offroad. Otherwise you can’t drive very well in the snow. Plus you really don’t want a big screen on the dashboard. So if I were you get something that has AWD.


Will , the person says he is in Los Angeles so snow is not a problem and apparently off road driving is not in the picture.


Of the two, all things considered I’d prefer the Tesla to the M. But you only live once, so decide what qualities are most important to you and your wallet, and from that buy the one you like the most.

this reminds me of that song from the 60/70 's, “Life’s Been Good to Me So Far” …

My Maserati does 185
I lost my license
And now I can’t drive



Heres the new version…
My model S does 2.65 I lost control and now i just died.
My advice to the OP…
“Just cause you can doesn’t mean you should.”
If you are truly a new driver you have no business behind the wheel of either of these cars.


Did Joe Walsh get his license back? :blush:


What makes you think that? I’ve seen a few electric and gas companies go bankrupt. All their assets and customers were absorbed by one or more of their competitors.


In NY, the perpetually problem-plagued Long Island Power Authority was seized by the state, and then sold to the vastly superior PSEG of NJ.
Problem solved…


Declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy protects the declarer from creditors. The current supposition is that high winds damaged power lines in a way that led to and exacerbated the Camp Fire. Like it or not, all Californians need power, and if PGE goes out of business and can’t provide power, the crisis is statewide rather than a relatively small area at the north end of the Central Valley.


I suggest it’s the wrong choice. The future is electric so why settle for obsolete tech? Best solution for an LA car right now (assuming it will be your only vehicle) is a plug-in hybrid, also assuming you’re decision isn’t based on what’s going to get you laid. Most of your in-town driving will be on electrons and you have the ICE for longer trips. Best of both worlds and much cheaper to operate.


And IF PG&E goes bankrupt not ONE person will be without power for even one minute because of the bankruptcy. They will be bought out or merged with another power company. It’s happened in NY, CT and PA. What makes you think it won’t happen in CA?


If it starts with the letter “M”, motorboat, motorcycle, motor home, or Maserati, it’s a money pit. I’ve never owned a Maserati or a Tesla, but I’m certain the Tesla would be less of a money pit than a luxury Italian sports car.


Are there any records on Tesla Model S reliability? The X and 3 are too new to have data. BTW, Model S starts with “m”. :grin:


Tesla’s warranty for the battery and drive unit is 8 years, a 2014 Model S could be 5 1/2 years old. With an expired basic warranty and just 2 1/2 years left for the battery and drive unit warranty I would prefer the Maserati over the Tesla.


What’s the Maserati’s warranty? 4 years, so you’d be getting maybe 1 year warranty on it.

I’d go for the Tesla. If you want a gas-burner, look at an Audi A4. Good performance, better reliability than the Maserati, and they actually have reasonable gas milage (I actually averaged 40 MPG on mine coming back from our cabin last fall)


Poor match. The Maserati is more like an S7 or Panamera.

I read a bit about the Ghibli on line. The engine is a big plus, but the traction control system is a let down, as is the interior. Motortrend found it too much like a Chrysler inside. You don’t think a luxury sedan would have better switches, buttons, and infotainment than a 300.


Warranty? Back in the 70’s one of the highest warranties was on the Chevy Vega. It was NOT a reliable vehicle…Not even close.


All in all, I think these two are really bad choices as first cars. If OP insists on buying one o them, it will be a useful but very expensive lesson.


I agree 100%.


For most of us, this is true, but we don’t know whether the OP can easily afford them or not. @LegendaryZ, if you have a normal job, paying less than $150,000 a year, then you might not be able to afford these cars. Remember, it isn’t just the purchase price, but insurance, repairs, and maintenance you need to pay for. Also, you need a place to charge the Tesla. A 280v charger is the lowest voltage you can practically use. If you live in an apartment or condo, that might be difficult.