Which car would you pick?

If you could buy ONE of the following vehicles, what would it be?

2010 Chevy Camaro?

2005 Maserati GranSport?

1997 Toyota Supra TwinTurbo?

2010 Chevy Camaro, Of Course.
CSA (living in the USA)

That depends on a lot that you didn’t tell us.

  • Are you an 18-year old male, a 90-year old grandma, or something in between? Basically, we need to understand what you’re looking for in a car.

  • Is cash flow a problem for you?

  • Have you had the 13 year old Toyota inspected by a mechanic? Are you willing to stay current on the maintenance for it?

  • Do you need reliable transportation (new car vs 13 year old car)?

  • How many miles on the used cars? Has anyone been able to convince you they weren’t “hard” miles? How were they maintained?

A little more info would help.

Just assume each car is in perfect mechanical condition with absolutely no flaws or modifications what so ever. Cash isn’t a problem and I like each car equally. I just want to buy the one that appeals to the most people. So, If you had unlimited resources, and you had to choose between those cars, Which would you pick?

This sounds like some classroom exercise, not a real buying advice question. However, regardless of the current condition of each of the used cars, I would take the Camaro because of its more trouble-free operation, easier maintenance, and better built-in safety.

We are assuming here that you are not Jay Leno, and the cars would be used as daily drivers.

Ok, you want truth. I was involved in an automobile accident involving a major corporation about 3 year ago. I just settled out of court with the company for a total of $350,000 due to all my injuries (broken back, legs, etc) after lawyer fees of 30%, about $105,000 and the few other thing I would like to buy/pay off first, I have budgeted $40,000 for automobile expenses. The Supra has always been a dream car of mine, as well as the Maserati. I like the new Camaro, but don’t like how popular they are. The Supra I would build to be a HP monster, but could use reliable parts and tune it for daily driving as well. I don’t know a whole lot about the Maserati as far as being used as a daily driver and it’s reliability, but I’m completely open for and FACTUAL based knowledge you would like to share about it. The Camaro I know is a great car, not a whole lot of power compared to the other 2 vehicles, but would be reliable for daily use. I don’t know however if I could be satisfied with a car that I could drive passed everyday at my local dealership.
So, I’m just trying to get other people’s opinion about the matter, and see which one appeals to the most people.

Same opinion! You have gone through considerable trauma in the past. The Maserati will give you a different kind of trauma you may not be prepared for; finicky behavior, excruciatingly expensive maintenance, and very high insurance cost.

The Supra will be expensive to keep as well, but at least the Toyota dealer will be able to fix it. Don’t expect a 13 year old car to be “perfect”; age takes its toll on many components.

The Camaro wil become a collector’s car in the future as the new CAFE standards start biting and GM limits the production figure, like they used to do with the Corvette.

For $40,000 you should explore more options.

If we’re limited to just these three options I’d take the Supra, if you can still find one stock and not beaten to death. Of course, your plan it to modify it and beat it to death, so maybe stock doesn’t matter to you. I don’t think a '97 is too old to use as daily transportation. My newest car is a '97.

The Maserati will be a constant, expensive headache. You’re not wealthy enough to own one. Forget it.

I think the new Camaro is WAY too large and heavy to even consider. It looks like a exaggerated cartoon version of its former self. They won’t get any of my money with that car, and I have serious reservations about it ever reaching collector status. But, hey, if you want a new car warranty the Camaro might be the way to go. I’m sure it can do smoky burnouts all day long.

I would buy the Camaro with the 6-cyl engine and automatic transmission. The paddle shifted CTS-V is the fastest production sedan ever at the Nurburgring. You can still get your ya-ya’s out and won’t miss anyting except a sore left leg and immense insurance bill.

I’d go with a 2010 six cylinder Camaro. It’s got 310 h.p. which most people could have plenty of fun with, you can get the appearance package to make it look like an SS, and you’ll save on insurance. Get one in yellow, orange or red if you want to stand out.

I believe that makes the most sense from a monetary standpoint. I don’t know what your financial situation was prior to the accident, but your payout will be spent quicker than you think.

I hope have recovered completely. The Maserati might take a contourtionist to get in and out of the low hung body. The Supra should be pretty comfortable, as well as the Camaro. I’d make sure whatever car is comfortable for you.

How about taking that found money and Invest it.

None of the above. Dodge Challenger.

Why Pick Out A Car That Others Will Like? Pick One That Suits You.
I just want to buy the one that appeals to the most people.


CSA has given you good advice. You are the one that will be driving the car–not the other people. Buy what you like and then find a bumper sticker that reads: “I don’t like your car either”.

Agree that OP should look at more options. For that money you can buy an Acura, low end Lexus, loaded Mazda 6 or Honda Accord, and many other interesting and reliable cars.

Buy new. Why buy used when you have the money for new? For 40k you could buy a nice Caddy CTS. You are here only once; do it right the first time.

The Maserati has few dealers and being an Italian exotic, I’d be concerned with the reliability and parts supply. There are reasons that there are few Maserati cars here in the US. The Toyota is too old and parts could be a problem for it also.

2010 Ford Mustang GT500

The Shelby GT500 starts at $47,000. I was going to suggest a Corvette and the GT500 until I looked at his cost criterion.

Over a half hour later than my post, and you got the 5-stars. See that, oldschool, you aren’t the only one that gets the soiled end of the stick! :wink: