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Tesla or Maserati?

Hi, I’m currently in need of opinions on which car I should get. Either a Maserati Ghibli 2015 S Q4 (Around 20-30k Miles on it) or a 2014 Tesla Model S P 60 or 85 (Around 50k Miles on it) Both cars are in the same price range ($35k - $40k). Keep in mind this would be my first car and I’m really not sure what I want. I know that if I pay for the Maserati, I’m pretty much paying for the name, exclusivity, and somewhat good performance. As for the Tesla, it’s a lot more practical and just all around a better car. I like the exterior of both but I’m leaning towards the Mazzi for the exterior. As for the interior, both aren’t too great, so I’m kind of even on the interior. Overall, it honestly comes down to the performance of both cars. The exhaust note on the Mazzi is hella nice and if I purchase a Tesla, it’s going to be super quiet. Now, the features of both cars are literally day and night. It’s obvious that the Tesla has WAY more features than the Maserati. Still, I’m undecided. These are only my personal opionions above as i know there are a wide amount of opinions on both cars. I want to know where you guys stand and what you would suggest! (Maybe even suggest alternatives although I wouldn’t really consider BMWs or Mercedes) Thanks!

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I dunno, which one can you go to a dealer showroom and walk out with?

I would lean toward the tesla if given the choice of the 2. If given any choice in that price range I would not choose either.


I use a car for year round transportation so neither one of these. The range on the Tesla or the idea of trying to drive the Maserati in the snow would drive me crazy.


Neither one, but then I’m not trying to impress the girls in high school.

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First car and this is what you are looking at ? Some how I suspect a young person dreaming but if not that kind of money will put you in a lot of really nice new vehicles with warranty . Also you should talk to a insurance agent because you might be shocked at how much that will cost.


Good post! Unless you live in the South where it never snows, the Maserati is out of the question. If this is your first car, I doubt you have enough driving experience to drive the Maserati well.

In the interest of safety, which we here always address’ I would buy neither one and settle for a good $40,000 sedan or SUV. A loaded Mazda 6 would be fun to drive and be a good all weather car. So would a Acura SUV. We are assuming here that you actually have $40,000 and want to spend it wisely.


man I wish I would’ve had a budget of 35-40k to buy my first car (assuming we’re not being trolled here…)! Given the two options presented by the OP I would get the Tesla


Tesla, all the way. Maseratis are kind of a joke, honestly. Slower than they should be for the price, and as fragile as the Ferrari they try to convince you they are.

There are a LOT of cars out there in the same price range and lower that do everything the Maserati is aimed at better.


A front-wheel-drive sedan is preferred over an all-wheel-drive sedan for winter driving?

Says who? AWD is ALWAYS preferred over FWD in snow country.

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Says Docnick;

Maseratis have used Ferrari engines for a while. When both were owned by Fiat, the Maserati was supposed to be the sedan version of a Ferrari. Their words, not mine. Now I feel like a whiskey commercial. But that’s OK, it’s Friday!

Yep, and that’s why they sound great. But that’s also why they break a lot. :wink:

Whiskey’s on the menu tonight, so I’m just fine with commercials to help me decide between Blanton’s and Hibiki. :wink:

That was also my first thought.

What do you mean by dreaming? I wouldn’t ask people for their opinions on which dream car I should get lol. I’m not wasting my time asking for people’s opinions on cars I know I won’t get. The two cars I posted are cars that I’m realistically going to get. Anyways to all the people talking about weather conditions, I live in the LA area so I’ll rarely see any extreme conditions.

Theft insurance, full coverage? Rates might be something to check.

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L.A. area?

I’d get the Tesla.

That way you won’t be wasting gas while stuck in grid-lock.



Yeah but isn’t Pacific Gas and Electric close to bankruptcy after the fires?

if PGE declared bankruptcy, what do you think would happen?