Tesla looks at Mexico

… as their next site for an assembly plant:

It seems as if chaos never ends with Musk . He has made a mess out of so many things . Putting a lot of people out of work to move to Mexico is just wrong.


Musk complains about cali but Tesla has billion dollar facility there. They going to move it?

He has also made a huge success out many things as well.

This doesn’t replace a US plant, it is additional production capacity.

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Musk had to know building a multi billion plant in cali would be a s**tshow. Why did he do that? Taxes, unions, state regulators and so on.

I expect he needed start-up investors, and Calif is where many green-tech investors are located. Add to that, a manufacturing plant that was already configured to make cars was vacant and available. Originally it was a GM/Toyota joint venture plant, same plant where my oft-mentioned Corolla was manufactured. I expect that plant’s work will eventually move elsewhere, same as GM/Toyota did. I think most American-sold Corollas are built in Texas these days.

Fixed that for ya George, :wink: you’re welcome.

As a follow on, Musk did not build a plant, he took over the NUMMI plant and modified it for Tesla. He paid Toyota $42 million and Toyota agreed to buy $50 million for Tesla stock in the first IPO. That seems like a pretty good deal and allowed him to get into business much faster than if he tried to build a greenfield site.