VW's ambitious EV plan

The competition is coming (maybe). An article in this morning’s paper (AP) said that Foxconn may build an EV factory in Wisconsin. This would be at the same spot they planned to build an iPhone factory, but that deal fell apart. They still own the land and want to do something with it. Foxconn plans to do contract manufacturing of EVs, and is considering building Fisker EVs there. Other options are at their plants in Mexico or not at all. At least they want to do something at the Wisconsin site.

On the oringinal subject, good for them! I hope VW is successful in their plans.

It fell apart because they never had any plans to open the factory there. I mean they literally never had plans - the planning process never got past the concept stage. They were hoping to score billions in tax credit payouts without actually earning them, and relying on corrupt government officials to look the other way. Unfortunately for them, an election happened and Wisconsin got a different governor, who started making noise about it, and the fallout was that Foxconn’s lack of actual plans for the site was exposed.

For that reason, I have my doubts that the car factory is gonna happen either.


But it does shut up a large segment of the population for a while. Maybe.

Then I noticed VW was reducing their work force by 4000 at least. Through attrition anyway. Labor contracts laws make layoffs not the best option. What it means who knows, I don’t really follow them.

The same will happen at other manufacturers.