Can VW defeat Tesla?

Has anyone noticed that Tesla is really ticking off his investors by changing strategies all the time? The guy may be brilliant but is a loose cannon and probably smokes funny cigs too much.

VW has some issues but I’m not aware of any of their manufacturing being done in tents or by hand because they couldn’t get the robots to work. It takes a lot of work to make a quality product, support a dealer network, and meet customer concerns and translate that to sales.

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Not to mention needing another LARGE cash infusion of $2.3 Billion to keep the lights on. At some point, every business needs to make a profit. You can’t keep acting like a startup 20 years on. At some point the investors and stockholders are going to decide Musk is a kid playing with investors’ money and force him out.

The 3/4 billion dollar Solar City plant in Buffalo, owned by Tesla, has had its employment goals negotiated downward 6 times since inception and laid off workers report that the plant is only employing 400 workers rather than the 800 they are reporting to NY State that are necessary to avoid paying money back. The state is investigating. Solar Cities sales are at their lowest point in 6 years.

The Emperor has no clothes.

I think any car manufacturer with the whole infrastructure in place can make electric cars better than Tesla and provide better service.
Among the people i know, I am aware of two Tesla Model X and one Model 3 that were declared lemons.