Tentative look at certified used Siennas

I am not in the immediate market for another Sienna, but do like to keep up on the market in case this one gets wiped out or something. It is a 2002 with 157,000 miles and I expect it to last a long time if it doesn’t get wrecked.

But, since in Mexico that is always a possibility, and I don’t like to get blind-sided, I thought I’d look at the market just in case, so as to have a back-up plan in my mind.

I am curious about certified used cars.

Checking, it looks like most certified used Siennas in my area of Texas would be LE’s, which is what I have; $20,000; 2008, and have 40,000 miles on them. New seems to list online, bogus asking price before the fine print stuff, around $29,000.

The thought of high mileage cars does not frighten me if they have been well maintained.

I am curious what y’all might think about that price range vs. mileage. Does that sound reasonable to you? Opinions of those who have actually owned late model Toyotas will probably mean more to me than those who call them ricers. Heh, heh.