Help...More info on Used Toyota Sienna


Hi, I now have two kids and am considering the Toyota Sienna. I am interested in a used van. I found a used 05 certified Toyota Sienna LX with 60k. Cloth seats, 6 cd changer. Exterior and interior was immaculate. It has a little more miles than I was hoping for, but the price seemed reasonable. Sticker was 18500.00 with 1500.00 off. Can anyone give their opinion on the number of miles and sticker price? Do you think it is too many? Is the price too high. How much should we negotiate down to? We are buying and want to keep for awhile. Thank you for your help.


So the total asking price is $17k? $17k is about right according to Kelley Blue Book ( KBB is kind of a high estimate usually, I’d offer $16k and see what happens. $18500 is way too high. And the seller will probably say, “well I already took off $1500” but thats a joke.


Consider the cost of $17,000 intrest? Compaired to one with less miles.
My dad was an old horse trader he use to say you can always go up when making offers. He would offer a very low offer then after it refused would offer to split the difference between his low and the sellers price and bought lots of cars…
How much more for a new one? Divide the 60,000 miles in to the diference in price and see which is worth more to you.


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Is it certified by Toyota, not a dealer, and not a third party? You should be skeptical of any certification that is not by the manufacturer. According to Edmunds, the models were CE, LE, and XLE for 2005. It does not appear there was ever an LX. A 2005 LE is listed at $19,741; the mileage adjustment is -$1,133 (net $18,608). Your price seems to be very good. Don’t bother getting a mechanic to check it out as you would with any other used car. Toyota already did that for you.


Yes, thank you so much for your helpful response.