Help, Used Toyota Sienna Question


Hi, I now have two kids and am considering the Toyota Sienna. I am interested in a used van. I found a used 05 certified Toyota Sienna with 60k. Exterior and interior was immaculate. It has a little more miles than I was hoping for, but the price seemed reasonable. Sticker was 18500.00 with 1500.00 off. Can anyone give their opinion on the number of miles? Do you think it is too many? We are buying and want to keep for awhile.


Depending on which model Sienna it is, according to Kelly Blue book, the price is a little on the high side.

You say you want to keep it for a while. For the same price you should be able to get a brand new 2008 Dodge Caravan (they’re discounted to below $18K in the greater Boston area dealers). While it may not be as reliable as the Sienna, it will have a full warranty (I believe lifetime on the powertrain).


I just bought an '04 Sienna LE last month with 73K miles. It was immaculate as well and is an eight seater with a tow hitch and wiring. It also had new tires. The dealer wanted $17,000 but ultimately settled for $12,500. I would not be afraid of the miles (I moved up from a 1995 Toyota Previa with 220,000 miles) but I think your price is way too high. Is the Sienna you are looking at a CE, LE, or XLE? Does it have any high priced options such as leather interior or DVD entertainment system? These are factors that might make a difference.