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What Year Sienna shoule I buy?

Hi I am looking at several used Sienna’s. Would it be better to buy a 2004 XLE with 60,000 miles or a 2007 or 2008 LE with around 30,000 miles.

The XLE has all the options but DVD and Navigation. Single owner, all maintance performed by dealer.

The LE are rentals…bare bones.

The 2004 XLE and 2007/2008 LE vehicles around the same price. XLE I think has the potential to be less expensive.

Past car history…79 Pontiac Le Mans(210,000, miles) 90 Taurus Wagon(190,000). Currently driving a 91 Sable wagon(90,000). Wife car is a 98 Sable wagon(120,000). I know a lot of wagons.

What do You think? My wife says no way on the 2004. I think it might be a good choice. Look forward to any advice.

We bought a 2006 LE for my wife new. The only option was floor mats and the power sliding door. IMHO the LE is not bare bones like the CE. It has the essentials, i.e. PW, PDL, Dark Tinted glass, 6 cd changer, etc. For the same money I would lean to the newer models with less miles.

The 2004 was the first year for this model Sienna, so all the first year glitches may not have been ironed out. The timing belt change interval is 90k/7 years so the 2004 is a lot closer to a timing belt change. The 2006/2007 years are still under the 3/36 warranty. The 2006/2007 rentals may or may not have been beaten up on.

Whatever you decide, get it checked by an independent mechanic and remember the wife is always right.

Good luck,

Ed B.