Tell me how this could happen

How can I send a picture of a recent phenomenom I need explained

Click post your reply…Then click Attach File…lower left corner of window

click browse…find your picture…click open

click Submit

Thanks, peacefrog ;o)

Your welcome Poopsie#1 Very Clever. I think i might be a awdshthook. Nah not even that. Its simple the front of the car would be pointed towards the picture taker. Pull up, turn the wheel and back out

Looks to me like someone made a three point turn on a snow-covered driveway.

Clever but i dont see 3 points

I can tell you how it did not happen if that would set you at ease.

but there are so many ways it didnt happen…

It can be done with one car with a snowplow blade attached.

Sherlocl homey says after mayking the harts the awto mustve ben abducted by Liens

Front tires make most of the tracks. Car pulls in from the right, front wheels forming the left hand sides of the 2 ‘hearts’. Car backs up to the left, front wheels form the right hand sides fo the 2 hearts. Rear wheels form the notches at the tops.

Yes, but only a few would bother you if it was the cause. Which possible cause worries you the most?

Or somebody walked a spare tire around…

motorcycle burnout?

uh, let’s see: enter stage right, pulled twrd bottom of photo, backed up towards left, and drove off. Amazing what some people can do with their jalopies :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Someone out of the frame (no footprints, but you can photoshop those) with a paint roller.

  2. All photoshop.

  3. Definitely something I’m not thinking of. What are those black marks in the foreground?

Why don’t you post this on

I notice there is nothing in the picture to establish scale. This could have been done on someone’s basement worktable.

Or they made 4 separate passes, all heading towards the garage.

Amazing how they drove out without leaving tire tracks. Just amazing.