Mind bending car


Is that a stripped Mobius?


looks like by brain when both my adult kids want me at the same time. LOL

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Is it live, or is it Photoshop (Memorex)?

Haven’t seen that car before, but have seen this one


The 24 Hours of Lemons is a great place to see goofball cars:

(yes, the van is right-side-up) :wink:


Body by Escher.


That is one way to prevent door dings.


“If 2020 was a car…”

Follow the science, the egg heads know how to handle this.


Another guy that had nothing to do for a year.


Interesting question: How do we know that’s photoshopped? What are the clues?

To me it’s the fact that things appear out of proportion. For example, the grill can’t be that large.

But that means I need to have a good frame of reference - something to fall back on that is based in reality. What if I don’t have that?

The big clue is the steering wheel. If it was real, the steering wheel would need to be aligned with the axis of travel. The other significant clue is that if this was real, the rear tire would be in the radiator.

Then there’s also a little graphical slop around that front fender as they tried to blend it into the bumper/wheel part.

And of course, the final clue is as you said - if that thing were real then the body is as wide as the chassis is long, and as short as the chassis is wide, which would be… Odd.

Nice welds. Maybe I shudda taken a welding course during these past months.

my dad was a welder for a Ironworks place. my uncles had a gas station that we would go to when they were busy to help out.my dad started teaching me stick welding on their stick welder. I had a shop class in school that was teaching us welding. for a final grade we had to weld metal together and would be graded on the welds. when it came to my turn the bell for the end of class rang. I asked being it was friday could I weld it over the weekend and bring it in monday for my grade. they said yes. so I weld it over the weekend at my uncles gas station and brought it in on monday. the 2 shop teachers starting saying that I did not weld it and it was done by a computerized welder. I said no I did it. they said then go over their and weld those 2 pieces together. which I did. they both looked at each other dumb founded. I got a 100% for the grade. you would be surprised what you can do with a good teacher.

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