Tell me how this could happen

Without leaving footprints.

  1. It was done with a stencil.


Where are the entry and exit tracks?

Between the garage and the tops of the hearts. I’m not wearing my glasses (hate them) but it looks like tracks veering off both to the left and right. In a nutshell, maybe someone backed into this design. ???

Good catch, but one wheel backing in from each side? I’m too thunk to drink.

Here is a picture of the area. The dark spots in the foreground were leaves and there were no footprints. No photoshop involved (I’m not that clever)


Carry on!

Sounds good to me, the bottom point of the heart being the path of the rear tires. Here are more examples.

I see tracks coming onto and out of the top peaks of the hearts which would suggest that someone (FWD car facing the garage) backed into the lower points of the hearts, drive up th eother side of the hearts, and then repeated the process to create the inner-pointed center points and complete the top curves.

Whoever did this did a nice job.

FWD or not, wouldn’t the front and rear wheels throw separate tracks?

the top of the heart looks like the front wheels.
More here, no photoshop, now if we can get it to snow on Valentines Day.

I’m starting to come around, but I’d like to see someone living in a snowy area with an empty parking lot duplicate this.

This is excellent! The bottom of my hearts were about 3-4 feet away from the curb, but hey, who cares ;o)

fat tire unicycle

“now if we can get it to snow on Valentines Day.”

Yeah, I was just thinking that. You take your wife or girlfriend out on Feb 14th–preferably dinner. Then, park & pull out like in the photos & then stop & take a picture of it with your cell phone & show it to her. That’d sure pull on her old heart strings! You gotta grease Jack Frost’s palm a little, though.