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Tape deck for car

I just purchased a new 2009 Honda Odyssey. It has a CD player but no tape deck. It has an auxilliary input jack. Is there anyone that sells a small portable tape player that has a cord for the aux. input jack? Sony used to have walkman, but it no longer is available. Your help would be most appreciated.

You can transfer your tapes to CD. That’s what I did when no better source (like LP or open reel tape) was available.

Best Buy has a Sony Walkman

Use a 1/8" Audio cable like this:

to connect headphone jack on the Walkman to the Aux input jack on the car stereo.

Ed B.

FREEZE! Slowly put down your suitcase full of cassettes and back away from it, S-L-O-W-L-Y. Everything will be alright. We understand. We care about you and we’ll get you the help you need. Ha! But seriously why cling onto something as outdated as a cassette player. I know I was pretty bummed out when they stopped putting 8-track players in cars, fortunately I was able to purchase an aftermarket one. That saved my life. But today? You’re driving a nice new car, it might just be time to move on up into the 21st century. Expecially if you have an auxilliary input jack, you can get an ipod that will hold every single one of those songs and then some. Find some computer geek willing to turn those songs into a digital format, and you will have all your music in the palm of your hand. You’ll save the purchase price of the ipod in no time just on not having to purchase cassette player batteries alone. If you haven’t entered the digital music arena yet, check it out, it’s pretty amazing.

“You’ll save the purchase price of the ipod in no time”

Heck, I bought a $25 Coby mp3 player that’s not much bigger than a cigar but. It holds 4GB of music, that equates to 504 songs currently.