Music in the car

I have about two dozen audio cassette tapes that I have accumulated over the years. I have some good music on these tapes. The new car that I recently purchased does not have an audio cassette player in it. New cars these days don?t come equipped with audio cassette players. I have a CD player in my new car. My question is this. What is the most inexpensive and convenient way to transfer the music on my cassette tapes to CDs. Thank you very much. Al Brown

Well with a cassette player and a computer you can copy them yourself.  You may want to consider that the next car you get will likely use an iPod system.  You can use an iPod with most cars today without too much of a problem.  You can with that same cassette player and computer transfer those cassettes to iPod files and load them into an iPod.

LOL, I think I have some 8-tracks around here someplace too. I doubt you will be happy with the quality if you copy them from tape to CD, or to an ipod. I would just buy them on CD, or download them from itunes and burn your own CDs. Once you have them on you computer, you can also put them on an ipod.

If you have any friends who are stereo buffs, one of them would probably be happy to copy your tapes onto CDs for you. If done correctly, the CDs will sound exactly like the tapes. I’ve copied tapes to CDs and LP albums to CDs with no problems.

If you have a home tape player you may be able to hook it to your computer and do it that way.

If all else fails, there are companies that will do it for a fee.

basically, plug your tape player into your Line-in jack on your sound card and use a software audio recorder to turn it into a digital audio format which you then burn on CD. I’m sure there’s programs out there that let you clean up the converted audio, but unless you’ve got tons of tapes, it’s probably not worth buying.

Does your car have an audio input for an iPod? If so, you could plug a portable cassette player into it. Just use your headphone output and a line out cable to connect the cassette player to the car audio system.