2018 Honda Civic Hybrid - Cassettes

Being an old timer, I would still like to listen to my cassette tapes played on a Walkman (remember those). However the new Honda Clarity 2018 does not have an Aux port. Is there any cable to convert an aux to USB

Even if there is, the USB port on your stereo isn’t for audio input.

The tapes need to be converted to mp3 files and then stored on any device with a USB output.

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The easiest thing to do is to download those songs from the web. Converting an old cassette to a compressed audio file probably won’t sound good.

I have converted all my cassettes to mp3 using Audacity. They sound perfect. I put them on USB flash drive. Audacity is a free download, and is great if you have more time than money. You have to play the cassette to copy it to a computer.

Plugging a Bluetooth transmitter into your Walkman is one simple solution.

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Is the only solution, tbh. Don’t bother converting into mp3, depending on how minor aberrations you manage to detect in those mp3, you may not listen to them ever again. The work involved in tape to mp3 is too much to get disappointed at the end.

Welcome to the club. I’ve got nothing that will play them anymore. I had a bookshelf system in the shop with a dual cassette but that is now non-functioning. I’m in a clean-up mode now and yesterday threw about 50 cassettes into the trash bound for the next load to the landfill. If I haven’t missed them in ten years, oh well, too bad how sad. Every time I’d buy a gallon of Shell Rotella at the truck stop, I get a free country cassette, so about one a month. They weren’t that good but gone now.