Tall Drivers

I would like to drive a high-end sports car but at 6’8" I am having a hard time finding a vehicle big enough. Anybody have any experience or reccomendations? Thanks. James

Have you tried a 911? Also the Corvette?

I have a 35 inch inseam and believe it or not one of the roomiest cars I sat in at the Boston auto show was a Mini Cooper haha. I actually had to move the seat forward. I know it is not considered high end-but it is trendy and fun to drive.

I would try the 911 which as I recall was fairly roomy. I’m curious about the new Nissan GT-R which is certainly high-end, but I’m not so sure about size. You couldn’t sit in the one at the show as it was a prototype. Some of the new Ferraris are supposed to be quite roomy (I’ve heard Michael Jordan drives a 550). However I must say that I’ve not had the pleasure of confirming that haha.

You should try sitting in the Cadillac XLR. Caddy’s version of the Corvette.

My old dealership in Milwauke sold cars to several Bucks’ team members.The car that was selected by these really tall people was Mercedes.

I like that Mini Cooper too (I’m 6’5", 34" inseam, so I need lots of headroom). I fit fine, and am giving it some thought. Get the S version (turbo) and it’s lots of fun, along with good gas mileage.

He’s looking for a sports car though.

There aren’t that many. Just go sit in some. BTW, what’s your maximum price? There’s no sense in mentioning a Bentley or Audi if you don’t car to spend over $100,000.

I’m 6’9" and found that there isn’t anything that fits that category. If my legs fit, the top of the windshield is in my line of vision. I’m never sure whether to look over the windshield or under it. Porsches have been considered comfortable for tall people but I’ve not found them comfortable. A '60s vintage MGB is the only sports car that I’ve ever been able to drive. I took a turn in a Miata, but that really doesn’t classify as high end. Maybe a Lexus SC coupe with the top down?