Cars for tall people

My husband is 6’9" tall. He is a big guy. What car will he fit in?

A friend of mine who is large in all dimensions prefers the Volkswagen New Beetle. It has loads of headroom and very large door openings, which provide easy ingress/egress (at least for the front seats).

I think you’d be surprised. Many modern cars with more upright, truck style seating would work. Have a friend whose 6’11" and finds the Dakota PU to his liking, so that’s an indicator of lots of good possibilities. It really depends on where his length is; legs or torso as to which car will fit best so what works for some, may not for others till you get to larger models overall.

Best way to find out is to go to a car show, check lots of cars. I have the same problem. The new Scion xB has good room, as does the Forester. Avoid all cars with sun roofs. Bottom line, it’s a personal thing, with legroom and headroom being the key ingredients.

If he wants to be comfy and feel like he owns the road, a full size conversion van is the way to go, with a raised roof.

Mercedes automobiles can be modified for tall people (we did many for members of the Milwaukee Bucks, big guys)

For tall people, cars are like shoes. You have to try them on for size. Is your husband tall from the waist up or is his height in his legs? I’m 6’2" but my legs are long. Therefore, legroom is important. My dad was slightly over 6 feet tall, and his height was above his waist. I remember when he was shopping for cars in 1953 and was trying to decide whether to buy a new 1953 Plymouth or a left over 1952 Dodge. He had to bend his neck to see out of the windshield of the Plymouth, so he chose the Dodge. My wife and I bought a 1993 Oldsmobile 88 in the winter of 1995. It had a power seat. At first I thought the car was comfortable, but the first trip of 100 miles proved otherwise. I could never get comfortable in the car. We had a 1990 Ford Aerostar minivan that for me was very comfortable, so this remained our road vehicle. I would suggest narrowing down the field and then renting each of the choices for a week-end. This will allow you to evaluate the comfort on a longer drive. When I bought my first minivan, the 1990 Ford Aerostar, I saw one that I liked at an established independent dealer. I had made arrangements for a rental to take a weekend trip of 500 miles. I had checked out the Aerostar at the dealer on the Thursday before the trip. I told him that I was going to drive a rental on a trip over the week-end and if we liked it, I would be back to purchase his. He told me to cancel the rental and drive his minivan. He said that he wanted to be sure that I really liked the one I was thinking about buying. I saved the rental cost and he sold me the Aerostar when I returned on Monday. I wish I had taken a longer drive before I bought the Oldsmobile.