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Sports Cars for those over 6' tall

I am in the market for a sports car, I am looking for something from the late 80’s to early 90’s. Something fun, cheap (<5k), preferably rear-wheel-drive and with a standard transmission. I have driven a 2nd gen Miata but could hardly lift my foot enough to let off the clutch and the top of the windshield was about eye level. I am 6’ 4" tall and looking for something like a MR2, Supra, 300ZX, 3000GT, RX7, or maybe a 5.0 Mustang. I am looking for suggestions and advise, I have ridden in a 300ZX and a Supra and think that both of those have enough room but am unsure about the others. Let me know what can think of and what you know from your experiences.

The MR2 is even smaller than the Miata. The Supra is bigger, but the only ones that are $5k are the ones from the 80’s which were basically overweight touring cars. The 300ZX is a decent choice. The base model 3000GT (the only one that $5k will buy) is front wheel drive and slow. The RX7 is nice if you get turbo model, but they have rotary engines that not all shops are knowledgeable one. The 5.0 Mustang is an okay choice, but it’s handling and braking aren’t the best.

I hate to suggest cars that are money pits but I have seen some big guys get out of the Mercedes line. Kind of hard to call them sports cars,they are all a bit on the heavy side. We use to sell a lot to Bucks team members,cars were easiest to modify for really tall people. The X5 BMW was alao popular with the Bucks players but again stretching the sports car definition. I am primairly mentioning cars for tall people. How do you fit in any of the Corvette line? I am 6’1 never owned one but worked on plenty from 1997 on and I fit. I also fit in mid 90’s Saabs and 911’s.A car I really fit good in was the e39 (5 series BMW).

I’ve never been in a Corvette, sadly, but I think that the first Corvette I would consider getting would need to be a C5 or an older stingray. But that is later down the road that I would like to do that. Right now I am looking more for just a fun sports car, something like what a lot of people refer to as tuners, but I want it to be rear-wheel-drive and not front-wheel-drive. I have ridden in an early 90’s Saab but even with a turbo it didn’t really have the pick up that I am wanting. Thanks for the suggestions but I think those are a little out of the range that I am wanting to spend right now.

Look around and see if you can find one for fit a 914 Porsche. These cars are great fun and with engine mods can be made to move,(you probably can tell Japanese is not my cup of tea).

On the topic of Buick, the Grand National from 85~87 are pretty good buys if you can find one in your price range. Factory turbo charged 6cyl cars.
Good luck finding any of those vehicles you or us have listed that hasn’t been riced out to crap though


My dad, at 6’2", fits in my 1984 Mercedes Benz 380SL. He’s driven it as well. This car is a rear wheel drive, small block V-8 2 seater with a removable hard top as well as an integrated soft top. It is solid and handles well–also the highway ride quality is much better than you’d expect from the short wheelbase. The same body style was used for many years so you may be able to find something close to your price range and a little newer than mine.

Not sure if this really qualifies, but how about a DeLorean? They were designed for tall people since DeLorean himself was well over 6’. I recently read an article in one of the major car magazines about a guy that restores and updates them; it’s his primary business. Sorry, not sure which mag or where he is, I’m sure an internet search would show something. Again, availability and reliability are issues, not sure if you want to tinker or not. You could also look at the older BMW series as stated earlier the M3. Good luck!