Cars for REALLY tall drivers

I know this has come up before, but I’ve had no luck. Many suggestions (Scion Xb, Fit, etc.) are still just too small. I’m 6’11". Remarkably my 98 Honda Civic fits me fine, but now with all the bulked up electronics and under seat stuff, I can’t find anything else and, sadly, my old Honda is giving up the ghost. Any suggestions for someone really really tall? Preferably NOT an SUV or truck since I drive a lot and gas mileage is definitely an issue. Thanks, folks.

How about a small SUV - the Subaru Forester has lots of headroom.

I believe that the VW new Beetle is able to fit tall drivers. However, I would really never recommend a VW product to anyone for their other attributes we are all familiar with.

Look at the Hyundai Veloster. It has more front leg room, head room, shoulder room, and hip room than your Civic and gets almost 40mpg. And being a hatchback, it can haul a large volume of stuff to boot.

The Honda Accord should give you a chance and it has been shown to deliver as high as 40 mpg highway by CR in some tests. I did not believe it till a good friend bought one and 40 plus mpg is the NORM when she keeps her speeds reasonable.

So, Camry and ACCORD 4 cylinders are good choices for economy and size. Remember that for highway travel, longer length, low weight and aerodynamics contribute to economy. A longer car can be good for both mileage and seat height.

These are cars with better highwy mileage then many compacts me they have the size you need.

Since you say gas mileage is an issue, you might look at the VW Passat TDI, which gets 50+ mpg (diesel) on the hwy and has gotten good reviews.

I don’t think suvs are necessary for Debbie Carpool and her 2.1 kids, for you they are ideal. Cars just arenvt that tall. If you fit it’s probably because you can lower the seat to the floor. The Forester is an excellent suggestion. For a smallish crossover it has always had massive headroom.

For a car, I might look at the Kia Soul. It’s unusually tall for a smaller car. The roof clears my head by several inches. The now discontinued Toyota Matrix is also fairly tall for a car. Also the Taurus. Not much to look at, but boxy.

your tall but ,how much is your torso vs inseam? Have a 6’4 friend who says a Altima works for him-Kevin

Buick! Seen the shaq commercial? If he can fit in car, than anyone can.

Buick! Seen the shaq commercial? If he can fit in car, than anyone can.

Wonder if was a stock Buick. I don’t trust visuals in advertisements. @kmccume is right though. Get a bunh of recommendations but, you still have to try them all out. It’s easy to come up with a bunch large SUVs that work, harder with smaller cars.

There’s the Toyota Avalon hybrid which gets 40 MPG combined fuel economy which will get you there if you don’t mind paying $31,000 to $41,000 for the Big Yota.

I looked at the new Avalon, too bad the hybrid version has to come with a sunroof, KILLS headroom.

Do any of the manufacturers have an alternate seat track available so the seat can be moved back further. This would not only help tall drivers but also people with limited mobility.