Tahoe traction

I have a 2005 Tahoe which has developed a long hesitation in moving from a stopped position. At times the traction engaged message lights up, When I push the button to turn of the traction system the delay seems less.

A dealer told me it needs new speed left front speed sensor total 250.0 and a new steering position sensor total 760.0. A different mechanic says it needs to go to a transmission specialist and will be very expensive.

I know there’s supposed to be some hesitation when the system is on but this is now more than that and can be dangerous in pulling out into traffic.

Is there an easy adjustment or repair?

Is it safe to drive with the system off?



Has anyone checked for computer error codes?
A dealer, in theory should be the place to get this diagnosed.

Thanks, maybe I’ll try a different dealer. Appreciate your time.

Just joined My Car Talk and noted your post. My 2004 Tahoe is behaving kind of what you describe - it sounds as if it’s going into AWD on dry pavement at low speeds, and traction engaged indicator lights. took it in to dealer, and nothing found and nothing on computer. have you found out anything? Thanks. Norm

I took it to another dealer who, after an expensive hour of investigation, thought that some part of the front wheel had rusted and needed to be cleaned for about 450.00. I said no. They had also recommended rotating the tires which was done. Believe it or not that seems to have solved the problem entirely. Also solved a groaning brake noise as you came to a stop.

Hope this helps and good luck,