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05 chevy tahoe

my wife’s 05 Tahoe started acting up by showing “service 4wd” on the way to church - then on the way to taking the kids to school this morning it showed “stability sys disabled.” I have read some other forms and they are all over the place on what to do or where to start. what they are saying is true — the car acts sluggish and seemed like it switched into 4wd.
looking for any help on where to start?? a sensor ?? some said the encoder motor?? even the 4wd on the dash being replaced??

any ideas would be appreciated & thank you

You start by getting the codes read and not touching the vehicle before that is done.

Are the codes saved?? I could have autozone try to run the codes for me but the problem doesn’t show all the time?

Yes, codes are saved. Go to Auto Zone. Be sure to write down exact letter/digits of code, like P0123.


Don’t be too disappointed if AutoZone can’t read the codes

Not all of those cheapo code readers do ABS

Just giving you a heads up

@db4690 - thanks for the heads up - I plan on taking it this weekend to see what they say - first chance I got!!
If no luck - any other suggestions besides the dealer…

This guy fixed his identical problem by replacing the encoder motor: