2005 GMC Yukon XL - Traction Active light

I have had the same problem. Start to roll away from a complete stop and at a very low speed around 10-15 km/h the traction active displays. I let off the gas and then accelerate again without a problem.

My mechanic says he puts on the computer to read out the codes and there is no indicator that anything is wrong. The sensors are all indicated to be working fine.

He said there is a unit under the passenger seat the controls the ABS and it costs around 500-600 dollars to get. An easy replacement except he says that it seems to be funcitoning correctly and that I should not throw my money away on something that according the the code reader says is working fine. He told me to come in again and have then read the codes when it happens again. We did. And still there is no sign that the traction system was engaged.

Like Jim here, the issue only occurs when pulling away from a stop. Any ideas anyone.

My short term solution is to always disengage the traction control using the dash button each time I get into the vehicle.

found this on another site that might help…

If you are able to do your own work, then please try removing the front sensors intact and FILE the hub where the sensor mounts. It will cost you nothing, except 1-2 hours of your time. I was having the same problems as you were (i.e. intermittent traction control activation), and tried all kinds of diagnostics, even driving the car down the street with a scope on the sensors! The GM people did not have a clue as to the solution. I even replaced the front sensors, but to no avail. Then I was speaking to another mechanic about this, and he informed me that this is a known problem on the Yukon, where corrosion forms under the speed sensors on the hub, which in turn interrupts the signal from the sensor to the computer. The simple solution was to remove the sensors and use a file. Then just replace the sensors. My Yukon Denali has been trouble free for the 18 months since I did this.

On a flat surface, check the distance from the ground to the underside of the front fender on each side. If there is more than 1/2 inch difference, raise the low side by adjusting the torsion bar.