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Speed sensor on 2004 chevy cavalier

when i first start up the car & put it into drive, it acts like it’s going to stall and the low traction light comes on. if i go slow enough, the light will go out, if not both the ABS and NO TRAC and the SERVICE lights will come on. i took it to a repair shop a year ago and they jiggled the wires by the left front wheel and said they’d have to look into it more since i was there for them to just check out the brakes (they were fine). after they jiggled the wires, the problem didn’t happen for another couple of months. today i took it to a chevy dealer & they said i needed to replace the left front speed sensor & harness for a price of $450. i just got my oil changed & said no thanks. on the way home, the usual warning lights never came on when they would doing the usual starting up and backing out of parking spots. do you think that just a wire is loose and every time i have them look at it, it reconnects?

After your visit to the repair shop where they “jiggled the wires”, there may be either a bad connector, or deteriorating wires. Since this is just an 04, I would think first bad connections.

If you have the ability, you could try going through that harness, disconnecting, cleaning and reconnecting everything. It may take a while, and you should probably dedicate a Saturday morning, afternoon or both to getting it done. Use a small dab of dielectric grease on each connector, while you’re there. It will help to prevent moisture and water from getting into the connector later.

If you’re short on time, just work at that left front wheel. You should see at least the ABS connector, and anything else that’s right there.

This may not fix it, but if it’s merely a dodgy connection, it might.


thanks chase, i’ve been trying for a day to get it to do it again, using the same routines that always made it happen before, nothing. so i think you’re right, checking out the harness would be a lot cheaper than replacing the whole thing.
the dealship also said i needed new tires, guess so with almost 94,000 miles on them, that’s a no brainer…