Traction active light comes on regularly

I have a 2005 Chevy Suburban and for quite some time now the traction active light comes on whenever I accelerate from a complete stop. The road conditions make no difference, it will do it when I am on a level surface and dry conditions. The dealer tried to repair it and said itr was a short. The fix did not last and now it is doing it again. They told me the computer shows no code info. Please help. Also the car is equipped with Autoride.

Made big mistake about the use of the Autoride system in the GMs.

It is designed to control the ride of the truck under varying road conditions and is supported via an air compressor.

Sounds a bit like the self-leveling systems their vans had.

Sorry about that.

They took off the left wheel sensor and cleaned it. We will see. The web search I have done tells me this is a widespread problem that GM won’t do anything about because it doesn’t directly involve the ABS system. This seems to be a problem on late model Impalas. I think this is a bigger problem than the dealer wants to admit,(I called the dealer after I googled “traction active light” and told them which part to check and they listened to me…???) They tried to fix it earlier and still honored their warranty policy, we will see. The one thing I did find was to somehow do something to the sensors and take the mechanic out and repeat the problem and check the sensors. Who knows, we will see. Some have said the whole wheel hub needs replaced…all I know is when you enter an intersection and all of a sudden you lose power and slow to almost a stop for a couple of seconds before you can accelerate can be …well, dangerous.

Yep, if the ABS sensor is worn out or damaged somehow the wheel hub does need replacing.

I had a bad one on my GM van and it needed a new hub.