Possible electrical issue



Has anyone experienced a vehicle shutting down completely while driving? It appears that the electrical system shorts (or turns off) - hazard lights will not come on.


Yes, it’s a loss of electrical power. You need an automotive electrician to find the cause.
The most likely suspects are: poor battery cable connections, and a faulty ignition switch.


What year? Delco Batterys like to leak at the postive terminal,perhaps you have acid damage (cable or it can wick down to the starter) from a previous battery.

Big nut at starter likes to work loose.

All electrical problems start at the battery,check all aspects of the battery and cables very good.


It’s a '99 Tahoe 2DR 4WD. I am on my third battery counting the factory one. I cleaned the positive terminal and cable end this evening. Took it for a test drive - 30 miles - and all was okay. I will keep an eye on it though.


I too recently went through several months fighting with my 1996 Tahoe with check engine light and rough running and failure to start. After several months of investigation and several sensors replaced and several thousands of dollars spent on probably unnecessary repairs, I discovered with the help of a good mechanic that one of the wires on the top crank sensor even though is showed good connectivity had the insulation melted off the wire due to the engine heat exhaust too close to the wire. The wire was covered by an aluminum shield and the wire would periodically short out on the aluminum fooling the engine computer into thinking something was wrong with the engine. Because the wire is inside this aluminum shielding it is hard to detect without removing it that this is really the problem. Several mechanics worked on it and replaced both the top and bottom sensors and several other things before we discovered the wiring problem.