Need auto with 3rd row seat

What new vehicles are available (wagon or SUV)with a 3rd row seat? We commute long distances and also want decent gas mileage. I’m 4’11’ and my husband is 6’1" and we both would need to be comfortable driving it. Definitely need electric seats. Don’t mind if the 3rd row seat faces backward. We’ve looked at Mazda CX-9, Highlander, Pathfinder, Odyssey, Pilot, Lexus LS and Subaru Tribeca. Can’t bring ourselves to look at the domestic manufacturers - but should we? PLEASE HELP!!!

At first I though that you were my SIL. She’s 4’11", but her husband is 6’4". I guess not. But they did just buy a Kia Rondo, and they both enjoy driving it. It seats 7 (2-3-2) and is comfortable and quiet. The BIL and I drove all over MD and PA one day looking for beer. We found some good stuff, too! Oh, yeah - the Rondo is worth a look. ;^)

Locate and drive a late model Buick Estate Wagon. Then you will have a standard by which to judge all the lesser vehicles you mentioned…Nice ones turn up on E-bay now and then…Check this beauty out!