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T-top has a Leak

Has anyone come up with a solution for T-top leaks?

What generation Camaro and where are they leaking? Around the tops themselves or at the door glass seal?

If the car is a second generation Camaro/Smokey and The Bandit TA then leaky T-tops can be a way of life.

Don’t drive in the rain.

Car is '97. Just bought it 3 mos ago. Had a heavy fl rainstorm 2 weeks ago and driver’s side floor was setting with 3/4 inch of water. Wondering if running a bead of caulk in the channel would prevent it from happening again. What do you think? Thanks for the response by the way.

You need to figure out where it’s leaking before you’ll know how to fix it. Just slapping caulk around isn’t likely to work and will just end up looking like cr@p. Use an old method- make sure all the seals are dry and then flood suspect areas with a garden hose. Wait long enough for the water to drain away and then inspect the seals. The areas where it’s leaking past them will be obvious. Dry paper towels or Kleenex can help spot smaller leaks but yours sounds fairly significant. Good luck.

What you really need is to get a new set of seals from the factory and install them. That’s going to be expensive, most likely, but it’s the only way to permanently stop the leak.

An option that worked for me on the leaky seals of my 93 MR2 was to buy off-center latch guides. Basically it forces the latching bar of the t-top to pull a little harder on the top, which makes it seal better against the rubber. I don’t know if these are available for your car.

As cars age, rubber shrinks - especially rubber which is exposed to the sun alot, which is why all t-tops will leak eventually.