Leak from T-Top Windows

Whenever i take my car to the car wash, water will seap in from the top and i was just wondering where i would go to replace the lining or gasket? Idk what its called but its a 2002 Chevy Camaro

A body shop can replace those T-Top seals for you if they are still available.

This won’t be cheap.


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Is there a stick-on water-proof tape or film available OP could place over the sealing areas on the outside until the weather-stripping seals can be replaced? To avoid water damage to the interior or rust in the meantime?

A clear polyethylene tape is waterproof and will last long enough to get the gaskets, but getting the adhesive off later will be a lot of work.

I had a Porsche 914 with a targa roof. Eventually, the roof gaskets compressed with a permanent set and I couldn’t adjust the roof to fit tightly. Maybe a foam tape on the gaskets to bridge the gaps would work.

Do you have a self-wash near you that you can use until the gaskets get replaced? Aiming the nozzle across the parting lines rather than directly at the gasket should considerably reduce the magnitude of what leaks in.

Yes, im just gonna hand wash it until i replace the gaskets. Found a guy near by whos gonna call around to find the lining and tell me how much its gonna be to replace it. He also wants to test it with water to see where it leaks and if theres anything else he can do just in case its too expensive.