2001 Chevrolet Camaro - T-Top Leaks

My daughter’s 2001 Camaro SS T-Top 6 speed Sedan, Leaks when it Rains on the Driver Side. Windshield & AC Drain Line & even when Hosed Down, checked out okay-No Leak. But when it rains, it Leaks; need your expertise advice or a Referral in the Honolulu Area…Please Help…RLV
(Started Since February of 2019)

With T-Tops you will just have to get used to it.

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After a rain where it leaks, wipe off the tops and carefully remove them being careful not to get external water on seals. Inspect the seals. If water has seeped through, should be visible on inside lip. Finding leak point is first step. Bear in mind, could be leaking elsewhere unless you can see it is the tops…

If you don’t want the T-top to leak, the GM T-tops have to be cut out, and Fisher T-tops welded in.


The car is 19 years old. It could be that the rubber seals have dried out and need to be replaced.