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1999 Toyota Camry - Water Leaks

when it rains there always is water that collects in the left wheel do i fix this .

You won’t like my answer… you have to pull the carpet out of the left side and have a friend squirt a hose towards the car in that area. Work low to high. You may have to remove the window trim to reseal the windsheild. You may have to reseal a body seam. Or pay a body shop to do this.

  • Check plugged cowl vent drains.
  • Sunroof drains can plug up, overflow and trickle down along the A-Pillar.
  • Windshields seals develop leaks.
  • A/C condensate drains can plug (these may be on the passenger side).

Front or rear?

Wheel well or floorboard / “foot well” (in the carpet where you place your feet)? We had a 99 Camry years ago, and the front passenger floorboard would get wet. The AC condensate drain was plugged by an oil change tech who apparently didn’t like water dripping on his head.

its wheel well in left side of trunk

wheel well in left side of trunk

For rain water getting into the trunk and spare tire area, and rear wheel-wells, it is often caused by a leak at the top of one of the tail-lights, where it attaches to the body. Open the trunk and carefully inspect the tail-light area. The tail light fixture is usually attached to the body using rubberized sealant. It’s a gunky, sticky material. It’s especially important that this sealant not leak b/c any rain that hits the rear windshield goes into a channel at the top of the trunk aperture, and from there goes around and down and out, exiting immediately over the tail-light. Be sure to keep that channel clear of leaves, twigs, & other debris too.