Synthetic Oil and Fuel Injector Cleaner

Just had our 2004 Prius in for an oil change at the dealership. They talked me into getting synthetic oil. Just wondering if it is worth it and how often I should have it changed? The dealership also left a bottle of carburator and fuel injector cleaner on the seat. When I got home, I noticed that I was charged for this and they didn’t say anything to me about it. Is it necessary to use the cleaner?

Minor benefit to synthetic, if the manual doesn’t call for it. Keep to the manual’s recommended interval. As for the FI cleaner, not needed if the car’s running fine. Just curious - what kind of cleaner? How much $$?

Unless they are giving you the maintenance and oil changes for free, why are you going to the dealer? An independent mechanic will usually charge less for the same or maybe better service. Just save your receipts to prove the service was done for the warranty.

The synthetic will provide slight more protection (not really needed in your case) and will increase the mileage very slightly. I am surprised that the manufacturer did not specify synthetic, did you check the owner’s manual to see if they did recommend synthetic?

FI cleaner is very seldom needed by anyone. It does sound like your dealer has someone working on commission.

Unless the owner’s manual calls for synthetic or you live in a extremely cold climate it’s an unnecessary expense. Harmless, but unnecessary.

I’d bring the carb cleaner back for a refund.

I think your owner’s manual recommends synthetic oil. You should read it. If it does, you should use it. The fuel injector cleaner is a good idea, but you were probably overcharged for it. They should not have sold it to you without your consent. I would take it back and demand a refund. Then I would find another place to take the car for service.