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Fuel injectors

I just got back from taking my 2005 camry LE in for the 40K maintenance. The service writer tried his best to sell me a $145 fuel injection “cleaning” even though the maintenenance manual never requires this!

Does my car even have fuel injection?

Should I have this maintenance done?

Yes, your car does have fuel injection.
No, it does not need their “cleaning” unless you have experienced a drop in gas mileage or power, or if the engine is running poorly.

This sales push is essentially a “wallet cleaning” unless the car is actually showing symptoms of needing it.

Of course your car has fuel injection.
No, you don’t need this service. It can even cause problems sometimes.

Yes. Your car has fuel injection.

Should you have had this service done? Unless you’re expeiriencing engine performance problems, the answer is no. If there’s ever a problem with any of the fuel injectors, it’ll usually cause the Check Engine light to come on.


All cars have had fuel injection for many years now.

Mine is another vote against the injector cleaning.

The injector cleaning’s purpose is only to resolve operating problems that you’re having…or revenue problems that the dealer’s having. You did the right thing is turning it down.

Kudos for reading the manual, most people don’t even know where theirs is. You did the right thing by turning him down, try not to shop at this place again though, they’re gonna try pushing more and more stuff on you as the car ages

Other than being in agreement with everyone else about this likely not being necessary, I would only add that you should never and I mean EVER, put much faith into what a service writer says.

Very, very few of these people have even a moderate amount of mechanical expertise and since they do not wish to appear mechanically illiterate to the car owners they face every day they go through life babbling a bunch of BS.

Some of them are downright crooked, but the vast majority (being mechanically clueless) often honestly believe some of the garbage they’re spouting to the customers.

GM recommends injector cleaning (after testing,there is a Service Bulliten on it)it is only their method that they recommend,and always use Top Teir fuel.