Should I get the fuel injection and fuel induction service done?

I have a 2005 Prius with 60,000 miles. When I get the oil changed on Monday, they are going to ask if I want the fuel injection and fuel induction service done. Do I need this? We’ve used fuel injection cleaners over the life of the car already.

Is it listed on the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual? I don’t think it is. Only do this if you are experiencing some kind of problem.

First, if it is not listed as normal maintenance in your owner’s manual (I seriously doubt if it does) then it is almost certain to be recommended for only one reason PROFIT.

All the cleaners needed for almost any car conditions, is included in even the cheapest fuel available. If your car needs more, it should indicate in the owner’s manual , likely saying Top Tier fuel. In that case you use a “Top Tier” fuel and that is all you should need.

In the old days, fuel and cars were far different than today. Today few cars need any of the stuff dealers and fast lube places recommend.

Chances are you did not need any of those injections cleaners you did use. ?

Who is “they”? Hopefully it’s not a quick-lube place. We read lots of horror stories about their shoddy work here.



Toyota sells this service hard. You only need it if the car isn’t running right. So, NO.

The only extra service that should be done is an automatic transmission fluid change.

Otherwise do what is listed in your owners manual only. 99.9999% chance no mention of these services.

The truth is majority of cars make it 10yrs/150,000 miles relatively trouble free with owners simply changing the oil regularly, air filter occasionally and ignoring the balance of the maintenance items including coolant changes, brake fluid changes, transmission services, spark plugs etc.

NO! NO! NO! Maybe at 260,000 miles your induction system may need cleaning.

Have you been adding fuel system cleaners to your gas tank? You don’t need to do that. The detergents in all gasoline will prevent the fuel system from fouling. So, the answer is no, you don’t need the dealer’s cleaning and no, you don’t need the additives.

Fuel system cleaning on perfectly operating cars is routinely done to prevent the customers from developing too many deposits in their bank accounts.

Don’t fall for it.