Fuel injection cleaning

Just came from my Dealer he suggested a throttle body and a fuel injection service at 189 and 50 bucks… I dont think the fuel inejction is necessary I only have 20K on the car. The throttle body is easy I can do that . Question: is the stuff you dump in your Tank good for fuel injection cleaning?

With only 20k miles on the car, it is extremely unlikely that you need that type of service.

Is the idle rough?
Is there a noticeable drop-off in acceleration?
Has your gas mileage declined?
Unless you can answer “yes” to at least one of those questions, then you don’t need anyone to clean the fuel system for you.

If you use “Top Tier” gasoline on a regular basis, or if you use a bottle of Techron in the gas tank a couple of times per year, you should never have a need for the type of service that they were trying to sell you.

You don’t need fuel injector cleaning or intake system cleaning.

Most gasolines have enough detergents in them to keep the fuel system clean. And if the intake system needs service, as you said, this can be done by anyone who can point an aerosol spray can into the intake system.


Techron once a year.
Never seen a dirty throttle body at less than 100k miles.

I agree with all the answers. The dealer intended to clean your wallet a little.

You now know to ignore your dealer’s service dept. from now on you have to read the owners manual and specify exactly what you want done at each visit.

Just a wallet flush, I wou;d take my car elsewhere after this and write the dealership owner a letter trlling him why.

"...and write the dealership owner a letter trlling him why."

+1 for @oldtimer 11

Clean the throttle body yourself, if you wish, or if it’s dirty.

If the fuel injectors truly do need to be cleaned, you should hook up the cleaning solution directly to the fuel rail. More effective.

Agree with all the above posters; it’s a wallet flush. We sold our 1994 Nissan last year and that car had never had its throttle body cleaned and only twice had some fuel injector cleaner added just as a precautioon.