Fuel Injector Cleaner

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I have a question in regards to the poular complete Fuel System Cleaners that you can find in the market those ones that you add to the tank when is empty let and they claim to clean injectors , valves and combustions chambers, the question is these products really clean or is better to have the car to the mechaninc and let him clean the injectors , this is assuming we are trying to give preventive maintance only not correcting any existing problems on the injectors

if your not having any problems now ie sluggish running or loss of power dont see a mechanic, go to your local store and ask them for a good injector cleaner, they all do about the same, some coat the injectors and related parts. for the life of me i cant think of the name, but it comes in a white plastic bottle. that works really good. they have it for engine, transmission and fuel. i recomend all three for any car.

lucas products

The gasoline you use to run your vehicle has all the cleaning agents your car needs. This issue has been discussed at lenght on this forum I suggest you read previous postings.

this is assuming we are trying to give preventive maintance only not correcting any existing problems on the injectors

If you have no problems you don’t need any cleaning over and above that that is already in the gasoline (regular or premium) you buy. Most cars will never need a fuel cleaning.

I must add that Tester is correct. If the car’s MANUFACTURER recommends TOP TIER fuel, you really should use it. I think I would tend to avoid a car that had that recommendation, but that is a personal opinion only.

Thanks i take the time to read them and update my self with some good advices thanks

If there are no existing problems then don’t even worry about it. Dirty injectors are a rare thing to happen (not according to the marketers of cleaning products though).
There’s a simple way to determine if you think you may have even a hint of a faulty injector; and assuming the engine and the rest of the ignition system is fine. Note how the car idles. If it idles smooth then the injectors need nothing. If you have an engine that has a slightly rough idle or stumble now and then at idle then it’s at least possible an injector cleaner MAY help.

I don’t think you’ll find a better and more inexpensive cleaner than SeaFoam at 6 bucks a can.

Not all gasolines are created equal when it comes to additives to prevent deposits from forming on fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. Some vehicle manufacturers have determined that the minimum standards that the EPA requires for these additives doesn’t go far enough in preventing these deposits from forming. These vehicle manufacturers have now specified that TOP TIER gasoline be used in their vehicles.

Read about it here.http://www.toptiergas.com/index.html


Click & Clack have said that all gasoline may be the same “but the additives that the various companies add vary - the cheapest gas may not clean as well as other brands”. I’m not a great believer in the cure-all, over the counter additives but I have a '96 Yukon with 212K and it sometimes spits and sputters and runs a bit rough. I add a can of Sea-Foam, or other top end additive, to ten gallons of gas and the problem goes away. Luck or karma perhaps.

Then how does the market exist for these cleaners? The opinions and experience on this site seems to be split 50 50 regarding this issue and people religiously hold their views.

The market exists because in some cases, these things are helpful. For my old car, rather run down and in need of help, they did work, and one of my friends recommended the Lucas products. But for newer cars, the prevailing theme seems to be, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If you don’t have a cough, you don’t need cough syrup, if your car runs fine and does not present any problems, then you don’t need to do more than routine maintenance, and save the money that might be spent on extras for the gas itself! Good, brand name gas, not El Cheapo bottom-of-the-tank-that’s-why-we-can-sell-it-cheaper run-off grade should take care of it is what I’m hearing. Thanks, all, and happy motoring!

However, since we can’t always be sure who refined the gas you’re pumping, regardless of the brand on the pump…