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Synchronizer plate on standard transmission not shifting smoothly

replaced input bearing put transmission back in and now it wont shift into overdrive and other gears shift rough was told it was bolted to tight how do i fix this does it need to be torqued

What year? Ford made Rangers for nearly 50 years. Mazda makes the Ford ranger for the last 20 some-odd years. This makes a MAJOR difference.

Did you do the work yourself? Did a shop do it for you? Did it shift find in all gears before it was installed? Does it shift OK with the engine off?

Also, what fluid did you use? The later year rangers use ATF in the gearbox. Gear lube, like 70W90, is too thick and really affects shifting.

its 93 yes i did the work myself it was fine and then it was like it was stuck in gear and thats why i replaced the input bearing it doesnt shift well with the engine off either and i used atf fluid i was told not to use the other fluids so i didnt

Maybe you should find a good used transmission and install it. While the transmission is out install a new clutch. When stabbing the trans back use pilot bolts to help get things lined up. And you might use a hammer to beat down the sheet metal seam between the floor and firewall. With that metal out of the way and a helper pulling down on the engine at the rear mating is much easier. I would guess that your input was not the issue in the first place and you may have damaged the clutch as you did the R&R.

i have already put the transmission back in. the guy that helped me keeps saying the plate is on to tight and he said all we need to do is loosen it up a bit. what is r&r

R&R - Remove and Replace.

Maybe there was another problem with the transmission that was missed when it was apart. If the gears were hard to change before the transmission was originally pulled, the entire guts of the transmission should have been inspected before putting it back together and re-installing. I believe something was missed, possibly other bearings that also needed to be replaced or gear spacings that were out of spec, or dog gears that are damaged, or worn out synchronizers. Lots of stuff that should have been looked at.

Yeah, it’s in now. So pull it again. The input bearing had a snap ring which limited how far it could be pressed into the case. If the bolts were too tight they would break but not effect shifting. Was the input bearing bad? They rarely fail.

I don’t know. On the transmission for my Supra, the input shaft bearing failed twice, once on the original transmission, and the other on the rebuild. The last one was under warranty, but they messed something up when they put it back together, and were bummed to do it again.

By your leave, in my experience the input bearing rarely fails on Ford Ranger manual transmissions…

i was mistaking it does shift smooth when the engine is not engaged and i was told to keep trying to bleed the clutch that it sometimwes takes awhile.