2003 Auto Ranger shifts hard

Just started two days ago. The truck always shifted a little rough, but no its going up to 3500 just to get into first from a dead stop. The OD/OFF light is now blinking as well. Any help? (Edit: Truck as 94000 on it and I put a new battery in about 1 month ago. Has plenty of fluid.)

Check to make sure it has transmission fluid in it, which I’m guessing is low, and if you refill it and fix whatever leak there was, it may be ok, but it also might be too late and the transmission might be shot.

The tranny fluidis well within the crosshatching. Forgot to add that to the original post.

@jakansas have you been servicing your transmission fluid and filter every 30K?

Hook up a scanner and pull fault codes from the transmission

Having owned three Ford Rangers with auto transmissions I always had the bands tightened in the transmission just past 100,000 miles. Once they started shifting hard I had a good transmission shop who knew just how to adjust the transmission. I towed a boat trailer periodically and usually got about 215,000 miles on a transmission. By that time it was garbage and time for a new transmission.