Clutch or transmission

I have a 97 4wd Ranger 140,000 Miles which has just started becoming hard to shift. Can’t hardly get in first when I’m stopped and the next time it shifts right in no problem. A mechanic friend got in and immediately realized there was no pressure on the clutch pedal at all so it looks like the clutch is gone. He was concerned that my shifting problem seemed to come and go and wondered whether that might indicate there is something going on in the transmission also. He suggested I have a transmission shop drive it and get there opinion. Will they be able to tell if all it needs is a new clutch without tearing into everything and spending a fortune? Should I even be worrying about the transmission at this point. I have never had to repair a clutch or transmission in one of my vehicles before so I’m pretty clueless about this.

you must be good driver too get this many miles with out any repairs. items that could be problem. pressure plte is weak.lose of pressure in throw out bearing fluid system is the master cyl for clutch full? of mok it could be the throw out bearing itself. you will have an engagement problem in trans if clutch is bad. Peplace fly wheel pressure place and clutch, throw out bearing. I do not believe you ripped trans gears. the shop can open up the trans and look at the gears any way you will want to change the gear oil. if it was the trans out might a problem with out jumping out of gear or grinning as you shift.

Sounds like you have failed clutch hydraulics; either the clutch master or slave cylinder has gone out. At 11 years old it’s due for this problem and often winter time is what finally does them in.

Both should be replaced at the same time since it always seems that one follows the other. You could try changing the master cylinder first to see if that cures it.
Replacing the slave cylinder requires removal of the transmission so this would mean an entire clutch replacement along with the slave cylinder since one would not want to go to all of the trouble removing the transmission just to replace the slave cylinder and ignore the clutch.

I would just add that if you continue to force the shifts that this can cause some transmission problems over time; usually in the synchronizer hub assemblies.

Thanks for the input. A follow up question. When I park the truck at home I am on a slight incline. If I put it in gear without the hand brake on the gear is holding it. If I push the clutch down about halfway it will start rolling slowly. To my untrained mind this would indicate that the clutch is working. If it disengages and starts rolling when I do this then why does it act like it isn’t disengaging when I’m out driving and try to shift.

Quote: “If it disengages and starts rolling when I do this then why does it act like it isn’t disengaging when I’m out driving and try to shift?”

It’s because things are spinning when the engine is running.

You need a new clutch assy, pure and simple. Check here for a good indy shop near you. It’s part of this same website.

Ditto above… Replace the clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, pilot bearing and all hydraulics with new components before the transmission is damaged from shifting while the clutch is dragging. Find a shop familiar with that vehicle as the peugot hydraulics are troublesome to deal with.

Peugeot hydraulics? Is that right? I didn’t know that. Odd that they’ve worked that long.

I can say that because I’m a former Peugeot owner. In fact I’ve had three 505s including a Turbo Diesel that we really liked, but that was years ago.

What’s with the Peugot hydraulics comments? Is this some inside mechanic joke I didn’t get?