Ford Ranger Hard, Delayed shifting (TRANSMAN are you still around)

Hey Guys, I just picked up a 2001 Ford Ranger with about 110,000 miles. It has a problem with the trans, the symptoms are as follows:

- Reverse has a 2-3 second delay in engageing

- when going forword the shifts are delayed, and very harsh.

- The fluid is clean, and does not smell burnt

- At a dead stop, it will still do a brake stand in 1st, so it is not slipping.

Any ideas on what it can be?? How can I fix it??

PS this is a 2wd truck with a 3.0 V6.

PPS I have only dirven it around the block a few times, so no speeds above 35-40 mph…

Thanks as always guys

Hey gs, been a long time… Still here. I know you said that the fluid looks and smells good so I’m assuming you checked the level too. Well, to know for sure we need to know what the pressures are. The delay in reverse, does this only happen when cold or after a long time sitting or is it every time you select reverse?? Have you had the computer scanned?? You might want to go and drop the pan and see if there are any surprises in it.


Hey Transman,

I have been around but just have not had much time to post. Been very busy at work, and my home life has been crazy. Had a little girl and she just turned one, that has taken most of my free time.

The delay in reverse happens every time, as does the harsh delayed shift. Honestly I think it got worse in two weeks of sitting in my driveway. The fluid level is spot on. I don?t have any trans tools, but some one said it might be the 1-2 shift accumulator (weak or broken spring). Do you think this theory holds water?? If so is that something that can be replaced in my driveway? Do you think it pays to change out the fluid in the pan, and see if that helps any? That ford ATF is so darn expensive, but I know I have to use it.


bump, still need help dont know how to progress?

I’ll just throw a few comments in as Transman has already given the usual good advice.
Don’t assume because the trans is not slipping in 1st gear at a dead stop the transmission is trouble-free.
Also consider that the transmission could have been abused by the previous owner who then changed the fluid in a forlorn hope that fresh fluid would cure the problem. When it did not, off the truck goes to become someone else’s headache.
This could very well explain the clean fluid and no burnt smell to it.

JMHO, but if the truck were mine I’d drop the pan and look for one of two problems. One could be a mass of clutch material debris and/or metal shavings. Two could be a freshly scrubbed and clean pan, which may verify that someone cleaned the previously mentioned junk out of the pan before throwing in the towel.
(Ford fluid is not that expensive. You should be able to get Mercon at Wal Mart pretty cheaply.)

The advice given has been good but I know a complete transmission overhaul is in order. Power braking the truck is only going to make the granade with the pin pulled explode quicker. Take it to a tranny shop with a good national warranty. Good luck.

Hey gs,

 I know, little girls are very demanding.  My daughter is turning two next month and she just cries her eyes out every time I leave the house to go to work and she takes up all my time when I am at home, definately a daddys girl.  

The reverse delay could be several things from a leaky piston seal to a sticky or leaking PR valve in the pump. Accumulator?? Well, possible, more than likely leaking rather than a broken spring. I’ve got the feeling that its most likely going to have to come out so I would either just drain it into a CLEAN container, drop the pan and check for debris. If you see excessive debris, button it back up and refill it with the fluid you drained out in the clean container and drive it till it gets worse. Iwould still be curious to see what a scanner says. Have you checked for codes yet??


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As a Ford owner I have to disagree with that tired old cliche. My last Mercury was sold with 420k miles on the clock and still running/driving well. (On the original engine I might add).

One of my current Fords has about a 150k trouble free miles and I just got back from an out of state vacation tonight in my 94 Lincoln Mark that has just a shade under 230k miles on it. Motor/transmission never touched, drives like a dream, nary a hiccup the entire trip, and apparently did not burn one drop of oil the entire 1800 mile trip.

Nothing wrong with GM either except in the minds of those who do not own them.
Drive them right, maintain them correctly (seldom the case though), and the car will take car of its owner.

How about you don’t post anymore unless you have something relevent to say. 'k thanks.

Seriously though, your advice to a guy with a potentially fixable transmission problem is that Fords are great, Chevys suck, and you think cars with 2 million miles (or more likely 200,000) are worthless? Great.