"93" Ford Ranger automatic transmission

Heys guys. I recently inherited a “93” Ford Ranger about a year ago and the (auto)transmission either slips or or just won’t shift out of first gear while it is cold. After it warms up it seems to shift fine. I tried putting the gas pedal to the floor (while cold) to get it to shift with no luck. So I tried dropping it down in second gear until it warms up, which works. Then I put it back in drive after driving for about ten minutes. I am afraid to take it to a mechanic. I can’t afford a new one. But if some band adjusting might might prolong the inevitable at a modest price, there might be enough in my kids piggy bank. :wink:

Presumably you have checked the transmission fluid? The fluid is involved in shifting control, and it expands when it gets hot. The fluid should also be nice and red and not smell burned or anything. Check it out if you haven’t and report back.

Thanks for responding. Fluid definitly looks and smells like it needs to be changed. Fluid feels smooth between the fingers. But I’m not a mechanic.